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I have broken and missing teeth. How can you help me?

It’s always best for your oral health and comfort to address broken and missing teeth as soon as possible. Dr. Hayder is an experienced dentist who offers numerous options for restoring your smile to full health. 

Solutions to Restore Broken Teeth

If a tooth is broken or cracked, we offer cosmetic bonding and dental crowns. Dr. Hayder would likely recommend bonding for a break or crack that’s more cosmetic in nature. 

We use dental crowns when a tooth’s structure is too damaged to function on its own. A crown is also called a cap or tooth cap and covers an entire tooth down to the gumline. 

Our dentist in Odessa, FL creates natural-looking crowns of all-ceramic or zirconia material that stand up well to daily wear and tear.

Tooth Replacement Options

Tooth loss can take a toll on your smile, comfort, and even your quality of life. Fortunately, we have you covered with several tooth options depending on how many teeth we need to replace:

Of these options, implants and implant dentures most closely mimic a natural tooth’s form and function. If you don’t want to wait for a dental implant, bridges, partials, and complete removable dentures are all excellent choices to restore your smile. 

Do You Need Help with Broken or Missing Teeth?

If you have damaged, broken, or missing teeth, we would love to meet with you to explore all your options. Please call our Tampa area dental office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hayder to get started.

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