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Dr. Hayder continuously researches new materials, techniques, and technology to help improve your experience, the level of dentistry we provide, and the outcomes we achieve for you. Whenever he finds technology that offers these benefits, he brings them into our practice so that our patients always have access to the latest and best that dentistry offers.

Please take a few minutes to check out the technology we currently use to improve your experience and call us if you have questions or want to schedule an appointment. 

Laser Dentistry

Using lasers in dentistry offers many benefits:

  • Targets diseased areas accurately and precisely, making treatment more comfortable
  • Reduces pain, swelling, and bleeding compared to more invasive procedures
  • Results in shorter healing times and faster recovery
  • Helps minimize the risk of infection after treatment

Some of the most common applications for laser dentistry are periodontal procedures, treating cold sores and canker sores, and recontouring the gum line. 


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Digital Impressions

Have you ever had a dental impression taken? Did it involve sitting uncomfortably waiting for a tray full of messy pink paste to set while fighting your gag reflex?

At Mint Dental Care, we have done away with the mess and streamlined the process with comfortable digital impressions. Instead, our small intraoral scanner captures digital images of your teeth in a matter of seconds. The result is a highly detailed 3-D virtual model of your teeth that allows us to be more precise and accurate than anything we could obtain with the old method.

Digital impressions allow our dentist to customize tooth restorations like crowns, bridges, veneers, and dentures for the best possible fit and a beautiful appearance.

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Digital X-Rays

Dental x-rays are essential for diagnosing and monitoring conditions and determining your treatment needs. By using low-dose digital x-rays, we lower your radiation exposure by as much as 80 percent compared to traditional x-rays that use film.

Digital x-rays also offer several other benefits:

  • High-resolution digital images provide great detail, making it easy to diagnose cavities in the earliest stages.
  • Digital x-ray images are easy to share with patients to educate and inform them about their oral health needs.
  • Patient x-rays are stored in their records and easy to access as needed for reference or share with specialists and insurance companies.
  • Processing digital x-rays requires no hazardous chemicals, making them safe for the environment.


Nitrous Oxide

If you like the idea of sedation dentistry, but don’t want to spend hours afterward feeling fuzzy and drowsy, nitrous oxide is a great option. Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is strong enough to provide a sedative effect during treatment but mild enough that it won’t leave you with any drowsy after-effects. 

It is easy to administer because you inhale the nitrous and oxygen gas mix through a comfortable facial mask. In moments, you’ll feel the sedative effects that include a light tingling sensation and a feeling of comfort and well-being. When we remove the mask, the effects wear off quickly, so you can drive yourself safely from your appointment. 

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Intraoral Cameras

An intraoral camera is a small handheld digital camera designed specifically for dentistry. It fits comfortably in the mouth, and as the dentist moves it over the teeth, the illuminated images appear in real-time on the patient’s chairside monitor. 

The images are magnified so that the dentist and patient can view problems like cavities, broken or worn teeth, and broken fillings in detail. Seeing these issues in real-time is much more impactful to the patient than simply telling them a problem exists because they can clearly see the need for treatment and understand its benefits.

Since intraoral images are digital, we store them in the patient’s record and can access them easily in the future.


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TVs in Treatment Rooms

Would you like a little pleasant distraction during your dental appointment? We have TVs in each of our treatment rooms so you can get comfortable with a neck pillow and blanket and watch your favorite programming while we work to improve your oral health.

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