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Teeth Cleanings: The Foundation of Dental Health

June 26, 2022
Posted By: Mint Dental Care

For some people, keeping things clean may seem like something we do just for looks. A well-cut lawn may seem like a country club luxury, but those of us in Odessa, FL, know that all manner of creepy crawlies hide in long grass; snakes, spiders, and worse. Meanwhile, your front yard becomes a place you avoid instead of enjoying.

The same can be said about your teeth. No one would deny that a bright white smile looks good, but what you might not know is those clean teeth are healthy. This is because plaque from the bacteria in your mouth accumulates on your teeth.

While daily brushing and flossing help, there’s only one way to completely remove plaque from your teeth: an exam and teeth cleaning from the professionals at Mint Dental Care.

Dental Exams Are Essential for Finding Dental Issues

Routine dental exams and cleanings are essential for several reasons. First, we start with services to detect emerging dental issues, like digital x-rays to see inside your teeth. Then, your exam includes the following:

  • Check for tooth decay.
  • Assess any damage, chips, fractures, or loosening teeth
  • Evaluate your bite alignment
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Check existing restorations, like crowns and bridges.

We can identify any areas of concern during your exam and provide a prompt and personalized treatment plan based on your smile’s needs and goals. 

Teeth Cleanings Are a Vital Dental Service

After the dental exam, one of our skilled hygienists will clean your teeth with specially designed tools and techniques. Their hard work removes the various forms of build-up on your teeth and gums. We finish the process by polishing your teeth for an added sparkle and ultra-smooth feeling.

Because your regular dentist visits are vital, we are proud to offer our Dental Exam Special. For $59, we will perform a complete exam with x-rays and free whitening. This is an excellent opportunity to get back on track with your oral health.

Teeth Cleanings Near Lutz, Keystone, Citrus Park, Greater Northdale, Westchase, Carrolwood, and Cheval

We look forward to the opportunity to help you attain healthy teeth and a bright smile.  Feel free to call us and experience first-hand the Sound Dental Solutions difference today.

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