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How long does a root canal usually last?

Root canal treatment is typically permanent and can last a lifetime unless all the infected tissues aren't initially removed, your tooth doesn't properly heal, or it becomes reinfected. This can cause your original root canal to fail.

If your tooth becomes infected, Dr. Hayder uses root canal treatment to preserve your natural tooth and eliminate the infection. An infected tooth left untreated won't resolve on its own and worsens, putting surrounding teeth in danger and negatively impacting your overall health.

During your root canal in Odessa, Dr. Hayder gently removes the infected tissue inside your tooth and temporarily seals it with a filling to allow it time to heal. Once it's healed, you'll return to Mint Dental Care to have your tooth rebuilt with a permanent crown or filling to ensure you can eat and chew with ease again.

Some signs of root canal failure may be swelling around the treated tooth, pain or discomfort, or bloody, pus-filled discharge. If you notice any of these signs, contact your dentist right away. We may be able to re-treat a failed root canal. 

If you have concerns about a previously treated tooth or questions about root canal treatment, contact your Odessa dentist at (813) 920-6608.

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