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Is getting a dental implant painful?

Getting a dental implant placed might seem like it would be uncomfortable, but it isn't! Since we use local anesthesia to numb the area we're treating, the procedure is pain-free.

Dr. Hayder is a gentle dentist, and our caring dental team is great at helping patients relax and feel comfortable and confident about their dental care. We ensure that all our patients at Mint Dental Care have a comfortable, stress-free experience, whether we're placing an implant or a simple tooth filling.

Our Sedation Dentistry Options

Before placing your implant, we use strong local anesthetics to numb the area so you won't feel any pain. 

We also offer sedation dentistry with nitrous oxide or laughing gas. Nitrous will help you feel very calm and detached from the activity around you so you can experience a pain-free procedure. Dr. Hayder can also prescribe an anti-anxiety pill that you take before your appointment.

No Nerves, No Pain

Another reason there's no pain associated with implant placement is because there are few nerves in your jawbone to feel pain. You will feel some slight pressure as we prepare the bone for implant placement, but you won't feel any pain.

After you get home and the anesthetic wears off, you might experience some soreness or discomfort for a day or two. Store-bought pain relievers like ibuprofen are usually all our patients need to feel comfortable.

Call to Learn More about Dental Implants

If you are considering getting an implant and have questions, please call our Odessa, FL dental office to schedule an appointment to learn more.

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